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We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Baptism at various times throughout the year during our worship service. Following the ancient church practice, we do not baptize persons during Lent, the season from Ash Wednesday to the Saturday before Easter Day.

We baptize infants, children, youth, and adults, either by pouring or sprinkling water on a person, or immersing her or him fully in water.

Through baptism we are iniated into Christ's Holy Church as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Baptism is always entry into a particular congregation, therefore, and through that congregation, entry into the Body of Christ.  Through baptism, we participate in Christ's dying and rising, receive new birth in Christ, and receive the Holy Spirit.

We believe baptism is done for us entirely by God and does not depend on our actions.  As a result, it is not appropriate for a person to be baptized more than once.  If a person has been baptized and then experiences an intensification of his or her life as a disciple of Jesus Christ which she or he wishes to proclaim publicly, we have a service of Reaffirmation of Baptism which does just that.

If you would like to be baptized, visit with Pastor Eric.

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