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Holy Communion

We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion (Eucharist, Last Supper, Lord's Supper) the third Sunday of each month at our 10:30 a.m. service, every other Sunday at 11:45 a.m. in the chapel on the second floor, and during other special services. Normally we distribute communion by the ancient practice, called intinction, whereby we receive a piece of bread torn off from the loaf and dip it into a chalice of juice before eating.

Our United Methodist Articles of Religion say the body of Christ is given, taken, and eaten in the Supper after a heavenly and spiritual manner and that we receive it by faith. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism,  believed that Holy Communion is, what he called, "the grand channel" by which we receive God's grace. By that he meant that Holy Communion is the most probable event in which we encounter Jesus Christ today.

At First Church we proclaim an "open" communion table - meaning that you do not need to be a member of First Church or be United Methodist in order to participate in communion.

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